Pay Rent

here are some of the most frequently asked questions by renters:

How do I pay my rent?

When it comes to paying rent, residents have a few options made available to them. These options include:

  • Clicking “PAY RENT” and the top of this page, which leads residents to the resident portal
  • Coming into the office to drop of money order/certified funds or a personal check
  • Dropping off money order/certified funds or a personal check in the after-hours drop box
  • Autopay with bank
What happens if I don't pay my rent?

Failure to pay rent is a lease violation and can lead to strict consequences. Rent is considered late after the 3rd of each month. If residents are late on rent, they will receive a notification from our office and you will incur a late fee, as local law allows. Late rent payments may also be reported to credit agencies.

How do I submit maintenance requests?

Submitting a maintenance request is quick and easy. Residents may do so by:

  • Submitting the maintenance request on the resident portal
  • Calling us during business hours and speaking to our maintenance team
  • Reaching out to the emergency hotline after hours if it’s something that is an emergency like a water leak, pipe burst, or overflowing toilet
  • Reaching out to a vendor on our emergency vendor list for the same aforementioned emergency maintenance issues
What is considered an emergency?

Residents are advised at lease signing what constitutes as an after-hours emergency. Emergency issues include:

  • Water damage like pipe burst, water heater burst, major pipe backups, leaking sinks/faucets, no water in the home whatsoever
  • Major electrical issues – loss of power in home (dispatcher will ask you to confirm with PG&E that there is not an outage in your area before a vendor is dispatched)
  • Severe roof leaks or major damage to the home rendering it uninhabitable
Will Mission Property Management notify me when a repair person is coming to my home?

Yes, our staff will contact residents via email or phone to inform them that a vendor was dispatched. We have our vendors schedule all the work order appointments directly with residents, which helps to ensure that there are no surprises. If residents will not be at the home during the time of the scheduled repair, with resident approval, we can meet vendors at the home while residents are away to expedite repairs.

When I move out, how can I get my security deposit back?

We follow the CA civil code and tenant’s rights procedures regarding deposit deductions. The property should be left in similar condition as it was first rented to the residents. Only resident damage will be deducted from the deposit, not normal wear and tear. Security deposits are refunded to residents within the 21-day legal limit after residents turn in their keys for the fully vacated property.

Can I use my security deposit for my last month of rent?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use the security deposit to cover the last month’s rent as this goes against the lease agreement. Residents must pay the last month’s rent when giving their 30-day notice to vacate.

I lost my keys and can't get into my unit. What should I do?

We hold emergencies keys for all of our properties, which can be loaned out in the event of an emergency. It must be returned within 48 hours or the resident will have to pay for the property to be rekeyed. If a resident needs to be let into the home either after hours or on the weekend, a $75 charge will be assessed for our employee’s time. Residents are welcome to, at their expense, call a locksmith to let them in.

My roommate wants to move out but I want to stay. What should I do?

Since we do not rent properties out room by room, if any of the original leasees move out, it voids the lease. A resident wishing to remain in the home has to requalify with any new residents. We reserve the right to create a new lease with new terms and to reset the rental price as needed. We also do not do partial deposit refunds if one tenant moves out. This will be something that will have to be worked out between roommates. We will only do a deposit refund when the entire home is vacated.

I want to break the lease. What should I do?

We offer two lease break options:

  1. The break-lease resident must pay the rent until the property is either rented or until the current lease ends
  2. The buyout option is a fee equal to 2.5 times the monthly rent, which is due when you select this option. The exiting resident will receive a refund if we find a resident before the buyout option is exhausted.

Both options require an upfront $600 re-lease fee.

Is it okay to change the color of the paint in my unit and make other changes?

Unfortunately, residents are not allowed to modify any part of the home without prior written approval. All work or modifications must be approved by the owner. If changes are made to the property without proper notification, the exiting residents may be financially responsible for restoring the property back to its original condition at the end of the lease.

Can I get a pet?

Most of our properties do not allow pets. If a property is pet-friendly, it will be advertised as such during the vacancy. This rule, however, does not apply if the resident has a medical condition that is diagnosed by a medical professional. In this instance, all pertinent paperwork must be supplied to our office showing that a pet must be allowed to live on the property.