Pay Rent

Here are some of most frequently asked questions by owners:

Why choose Mission Property Management?

Having been in business since 1984, we have a long-standing history of successfully renting properties in the East Bay. We collect over $10 million in rent each year and manage a diverse portfolio of hundreds of rental properties with an estimated value of over $400 million.

We understand that your home may be one of your most important and valuable assets. We possess the tools and staff to protect the value of your home. Our staff is experienced, professional, competent, diligent, and organized. We receive constant training in order to remain familiar with housing standards, the California habitability code, and the Federal Fair Housing laws.

Our goal is to minimize expenses and maximize profits while maintaining the home for continued use. We have experienced almost every housing situation and have systems to deal with each and every case. Let us show you how to get the job done right!

What type of rental properties do you manage?

Our area of expertise rests with:

  • Single-family homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condominiums
  • Duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes
  • Apartment complexes
What areas do you serve?

Our area of work focuses on the Tri-Cities area – Fremont, Newark, and Union City. We can, however, take on properties in the greater Bay Area. Reach out to us even if your property doesn’t fall within the Tri-Cities area.

Can you prepare my house for rent?

Preparing your property for rent is included in our full-time management service. As soon as your property management agreement commences, our experienced staff will evaluate your home’s condition and make recommendations for obtaining the highest rent. When determining the pertinent scope of work for your investment property, here are some things that we take into consideration:

  • Current market conditions and trends
  • Predicted amount of return on investment
  • Compliance for local codes, habitability, and safety standards

All recommended repairs, deferred maintenance, and recommended upgrades will be presented and discussed. Once the list of work is approved by you, we will then reach out to our trusted vendors for bids. Working together, we’ll finalize the scope of work, approve bids, dispatch vendors, and begin the work as soon as possible.

What is your screening process for prospective applicants?

Our goal is to place financially responsible residents into your home that will take care of the property for the duration of their tenancy. Our applicant screening process includes:

  • Each adult (18 years and older) that will be living in the property must submit an application and have their credit checked
  • Applicants’ ability to pay is verified and must be three times the rent
  • Minimum FICO credit score is 680 and each applicant must meet this standard
  • Verify the identification of the individuals applying
  • Verify former addresses and obtain landlord feedback from two most recent landlords

We follow all local and national fair housing standards. Our application procedure is outlined in the paper and online application and is the same for all applicants, no exceptions.

Do you handle maintenance issues?

When it comes to maintenance issues and requests, we:

  • Respond to each maintenance request as soon as possible
  • Instruct tenants how to report maintenance issues at lease signing
  • Will try to diagnose over the phone to prevent a service call
  • Have an extensive list of trusted vendors for any job – large or small
  • Have a long-term work history with our vendors that deliver high quality work
  • Will asses the damage and determine if the cost of repair lies on the renter or owner (owners are responsible for most repair and maintenance items under normal circumstances)
How will I receive communication about my property?

As an owner, you will:

  • Receive most of your communication via email, text, or phone
  • Have an assigned property manager that will be your main point of contact
  • Have access to our owner portal where you can view leases, monthly statements, repair bills, and year-end reports
How do you advertise vacancies? Who pays the advertising costs?

Once your property manager gives the green light on your home as being rent ready, we will dispatch our in-house Marketing Coordinator to professionally photograph and create virtual tours for your home. Once the property is live, your home will appear on:

  • Our website
  • Zillow
  • Craigslist
  • Trulia
  • HotPads
  • Zumper
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Many, many more

If possible, we will also have a yard sign installed that will also include attention-grabbing brochures. We will field inquiries and schedule showings accordingly. Often times, we will show the property in the same day that we receive the inquiry.

There is no additional charge for our normal advertising process.

How long will it take to rent my property?

This depends on a few factors – condition, location, price, supply and demand, and time of year. We will guide you on the correct pricing strategy to minimize the vacancy time.

When should I expect my monthly report and ACH payment?

Payments are made to the owners between the 8th and the 10th of each month. Statements are posted on the owner portal at the end of each month.

How much do you collect from the tenant prior to their move-in?

Prior to move-in, we will collect one full month’s rent and the security deposit. All move-in funds must be certified in order for the resident to receive keys.

How are utilities handled?

For single-family homes and most townhomes, residents will pay all utilities. For multi-plex homes, garbage and water is typically included in the rent. This depends on how the meters and garbage collection is set up. Condos will depend on the Home Owner’s Association. Water and garbage may be included in the HOA fees. HOA fees, property taxes, and insurance are always paid by the owner.

What happens when the tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

We take action as soon as possible to determine issues. We will reach out to the resident to understand when the rent will be received. A late fee will be issued in accordance to property statutory guidelines, ordinances, and rent controls. Not paying rent is a lease violation and can lead to strict consequences up to and including an eviction, in accordance with local laws. We have experienced navigating all options and would negotiate, on your behalf, the best solution. Evictions are the last resort and we will do our best to avoid this at all costs.

What happens if my tenant moves out before the end of their lease term?

If your resident breaks the lease and abruptly vacates the property, they will be responsible for paying the rent until we find a new resident. They will also be responsible for all costs associated with re-renting the property. These costs include the re-lease fee and rekeying the property.

What customer service is extended to residents at night or on the weekend?

Residents have an emergency number that they may reach out to after hours and on weekends. This is for emergency maintenance issues, i.e. a water leak, toilet overflowing, etc.