Pay Rent

Our tenant placement service is best for owners who feel that they can manage the home on their own, but just need help finding a quality resident. After a quality resident is successfully placed into your home, we hand the management responsibilities back to you.

why is it important to find a quality tenant?

Likely to remain current on rent

Having appropriate application qualifications can save you several headaches in the long run. Applicants that clearly meet or exceed all of the application criteria will give you a tenant that will be able to afford the property throughout the duration of the lease.

Less property damage

Strict qualification criteria typically attracts renters that will value and take care of the property. Less property damage means fewer maintenance requests, which means more money in your pocket and content residents that are more likely to stay long-term.

Decreased vacancy time

Placing residents that will value and take care of the property will naturally cause less damage. When careful residents leave, only basic wear and tear items need to be addressed. Minimum restoration means that the property will be rent-ready sooner, which decreases the vacancy time.

tenant placement service details:

Rent-ready property

The condition in which we receive tenant placement properties differs slightly from the condition that we can take properties for the full-time management service. In order for us to begin the tenant placement service, you must hand your property over to us rent-ready. Rent-ready is defined as:

  • All appliances in working order
  • Property is completely cleared of all previous occupant’s belongings
  • Property has been deep cleaned
  • Interior paint is in good condition
  • Overall condition of the property meets our standard of excellence

We’re here to communicate value and drive desirability. That requires a keen insight into market trends and an understanding of the latest tools and technology. We will put your home’s best foot forward in our marketing phase, which includes:

  • Professional photography
  • 3D virtual tours on both Zillow and our website
  • Enhanced listing on numerous real estate websites including our own SEO optimized website, Zillow, Trulia, HotPads,, Facebook, Instagram, and so many more
  • Full-sized professional real estate signs
  • Attention-grabbing flyers that will be placed in either brochure boxes on yard signs or in the home
  • Key performance indicators of website traffic, paid advertising, and social media analytics
  • Professionally shown by our property managers or licensed realtors
Applicant screening

One of the most important steps in ensuring a pleasant renting experience is finding the right renter. Our application qualifications allow us to select the most highly qualified tenant to place into your home. Our tenant screening service includes:

  • Credit check for a minimum FICO score of 680
  • Income verification with a minimum gross monthly income of three times the rent
  • Employment verification
  • Landlord reference check
  • Online and physical applications
Lease process

Having a lease that covers all of the legal bases is extremely important to have as a landlord. The lease process includes:

  • A lease that is approved by the California Apartment Association, is updated every year as the law changes, and is reviewed by a panel of attorneys
  • Drafting, reviewing, and signing the lease with the incoming residents
  • Collection of deposit and the first month’s rent
  • Handing over keys
  • Handing over the application(s), signed lease, deposit, and first month’s rent to the owner